Lifestyle Digital

White-label solutions delivering the financial tools your customers need with the social engagement they want.

Lifestyle Banking Solutions Made for Your Customers

Offer a unique lifestyle banking application that wins new customers, keeps existing customers, and generates additional revenue for your business.

Financial Services Organizations

  • Banks and Credit Unions
  • Program Managers
  • Payment Processors

Wireless Carriers

  • Mobile Network Operators
  • Mobile Virtual Network Operators
  • Mobile Virtual Network Enablers

Strategic Partners

  • Payroll and Insurance Companies
  • Industry Associations
  • Retailers and Loyalty Organizations

Engage Customers by Combining Their Financial and Social Lives

Bringing financial and social features together in one lifestyle application increases usability of your app and drives customer engagement with your brand.

Best-in-Class Banking Functionality

Includes Program Card, Account Aggregation, Mobile Check Deposit, Account Transfers, Direct Deposit, Bill Pay, and more.

Personal Financial Management Tools (PFM)

Easy to understand graphics help customers track their spending over time, and customer-set spending alerts help them stay on budget.

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Venue and Deal Discovery

Provide customers with rich information about local venues and deals, populated by Urban FT’s database and third-party partners such as Groupon and Yelp.

Social Engagement

Social posting to share photos, reviews, ratings, and check-ins with friends, as well as sharing posts to linked social accounts from Facebook and Google+.

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Create More Lifetime Value from Every Customer

Develop valuable customer relationships by driving engagement, increasing revenue, and improving operational efficiency.

Increase Customer Engagement

Highly relevant financial tools with integrated social features drive increased engagement, brand touchpoints and lifetime value.

Expand Revenue Opportunities

Earn a share of revenue when your subscribers redeem deals or execute certain financial transactions through the platform.

Secure Your Data

We protect against evolving threats by adhering to - and often exceeding - industry best practices.

Drive Brand Value

Establish your brand as an integral part of your customers’ daily financial and online social activities with a lifestyle-enhanced digital banking app that amps up customer loyalty.

Leapfrog Your Competitors

Become an industry leader in technology and be seen by your customers as innovative and relevant in what you provide them.

Reduce Your Compliance Burdens

We exceed industry standards for consumer financial privacy and data security through a compliance-centric architecture and internal controls, as well as regular client education.

Flexible Deployment Options as Simple as A, B, or C

Our technology is delivered in three different ways: as a fully managed service and prepaid program, a SaaS that works with your current program management processes, or as select APIs that integrate into your current UX.

Full end-to-end solution

Our full suite of technology and program management services

If you want our technology along with complete program management services

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS):

Our customizable front-end software solution

If you have program management processes in place but want to deploy our technology set

Web Services

Our custom APIs to merge specific functions into your existing technology

If you love our technology but want to maintain your current UX

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Launch Faster and Reach Your Customers Sooner

Launch a new platform or redeploy an existing platform within 90 to 180 days

Integrate our platform directly with your incumbent payment processor and maintain business process continuity

Only Pay for Active Customers

Consumption-Based Pricing

Our platform is an affordable way to deliver enhanced digital banking to your customers.

Post implementation, we price on a “consumption” basis, meaning you pay us only when your customers adopt and use your digital banking app.

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