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Delivering white-label applications that provide consumers a seamless integration between their social and financial lives

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How It Works

We combine the latest banking, social commerce, and financial management tools into a single consumer experience so an FI can become socially relevant to its customers.


A complete suite of the latest digital banking functionality including remote check deposit, bill pay, ACH, and instant transfers.

Consumers also benefit from aggregated external account viewing, payment scheduling, and transaction-to-venue pairing.

Social Commerce

By being part of the purchasing experience, FIs open up significant revenue opportunities by offering daily deals and items.

Enabling Social Commerce allows an FI to give their consumers real-time, highly relevant offers based on a user’s past and projected spending habits.

Financial Tools

Highly relevant, auto-generating data aimed at empowering consumers to easily monitor and manage their personal finances

This allows consumers to set spending alerts, monitor savings and spending patterns, and monitor savings they are making through the app.

It's a Ubiquitous Solution

Our application is on all major devices and all form factors.


Debit, Credit, & Prepaid




iOS, Android, & HTML5


Native iOS & Android

Why Our Solution Makes Sense

“Digital Banking” is a core tenant of any solution, particularly for younger demographics. Take a look at the tools consumers are now expecting from their FI.

Statistics from an Accenture study

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73% of people surveyed believe the following services would increase their bank loyalty:

51%  Products and services recommendations

46%  Location based deals

48%  Real-time forward-looking spending analysis

82%  Financial products that save them money


A complete and customizable turn-key digital banking platform that allows for speed to market, security and compliance peace of mind, and ongoing product development.

Top of Wallet

Frictionless social and financial tools drive transaction values, transaction velocities, and increase customer lifetime values.

Enhanced Analytics

Broader user features provide a deeper knowledge base and drive Predictive Commerce, offers, and geo-targeting.

New Revenue

Real innovation that allows an FI to gain competitive advantage and deliver income growth in a rapidly expanding market

Compliance, Security, and Integration


The solutions we provide allow for you to manage your own platform, host and control your own customer data, and diligently comply with relevant acts and regulations such at the Dodd-Frank Act, Electronic Funds Transfer Act, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and Guidance on Outsourcing Technology Services promulgated by the FFIEC.


Our partners manage their suite of digital banking applications through our Platform Management Portal. This operates on a secure tokenization basis, and interacts with the core platform via a secure encryption process.


Our solution operates as a lightweight technology layer that plugs in with a FIs incumbent payment processor, and does not affect internal systems. We work with the FI to compile a solution that meets their specific objectives, and to achieve a rollout within their prescribed timeline.

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